A new study shows that regular exercise in the elderly can increase life expectancy

A new study shows that regular exercise in the elderly can increase life expectancy as much as quitting smoking; an analysis of 5,700 poor people in Norway found that people who exercise 3 hours per week live longer than people who do not live Five years ago, the study author wrote in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that a campaign should be launched to encourage the survival of the weak.
This study from the University Hospital of Oslo shows that stress or light exercise can improve the lives of both parties. More likely to be found.
In the UK, people over 65 are officially recommended to exercise 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

A new study shows that regular exercise in the elderly can increase life expectancy

The Norwegian study was conducted between 68 and 77 years of age and found that exercising less than one hour per week had no effect. According to the study, six times a week in the 11-year study, after 11 years of mild, strict Or moderate exercise, no matter how many hours, the chance of death is reduced by 40%. To do
Public health-based strategies for vulnerable populations should include efforts to increase physical activity, such as efforts to reduce smoking. What is not considered in this report is a report by the People’s Heart Foundation that warns that when people start exercising He was so smart that he was included in the research.
According to the report, the proportion of adults with moderate exercise is as follows: 69% in Portugal-55% in Poland. France 46
44% in the UK-26% in Germany-the Netherlands scored better, with only 14% not exercising properly. Can help you live longer, regardless of your age.
However, the latest data show that half of the people in the UK do not have moderate exercise, a higher proportion than many European countries. Our message is that even if you exercise for ten minutes, this will be beneficial, and more dynamic changes every day can improve heart health.

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