a new style of fashion about on nail art 2019

 a new style of fashion about on nail art 2019

 a new style of fashion about on nail art 2019
“Growing colors in the universe” is a natural right to be vulnerable to gender. Every girl and woman wants to look unique, they improve themselves in different ways, and pay special attention to making and modifying themselves. Beautifully manicured nails and the use of colorful nail polish to match the dress are an important part of women’s makeup and preparation. Today, the trend to make nails more attractive to women is growing rapidly.

With the ever-changing fashion, the make-up style has changed dramatically, and the style of the nails and the color of the nails have also changed. There is also a nail-style nail decoration. There is no doubt that nails are considered an important part of good personality in today’s modern era, which is why today’s girls are more aware of the reasons for making nails attractive and beautiful. Your nails not only make your hands beautiful, but they also change your body language.

Not only do you have to wait for a wedding or event to create a nail art, but you can also create different designs on your nails to make others look unique. Nail does not have long nails; nails are also beautiful. You can also make your nails beautiful through nails, which not only serves as a nail, but also gives you a good impression of your beauty and overall personality. Here are some designs to redesign and decorate your nails and decorate them, and we hope they will guide you.

Magnetic nail

There is a nail polish on the market that contains iron particles. You can apply it to your nails using a magnet similar to the nail polish. This is a laborious and time consuming decoration, so you have to decorate one nail at a time and then move on to the next nail. First apply a layer of polish and then place the colored particles into the magnet for a few seconds. Then apply a nail polish coating on top of this art pattern to enhance or seal it. With this polish you can create different designs of your choice. Design depends on your creativity, and you can have a variety of experiences that suit your personality and mood.

Purple nails

With this nail polish, you can add a velvet effect to your nails. It is a kit of nail polish, velvet powder and a brush that is applied to the nails in a velvet style.

Nail representative

The nail representative is a new trend that makes it easy to decorate your nails without difficulty. These are stickers based on different designs that you can attach to your nails and then paste them according to the shape of the nails.

New French mini engraver style

Nowadays, the traditional French small model has been given a new nail style, so please don’t forget the unique French little punk and white combination, and use a green base with a yellow tendency. Great for night celebrations.

Sanden Nile

Today is the 3D era. 3D is used in every industry and every piece of work. Why is nail art still behind? 3D de Nile is a set based on polishing, beads and brushes. This allows you to leave a 3D artistic feel on your nails. Apply one nail at a time, apply two layers of nail polish, then spread the small pearl on it and then brush it. Let your nails dry for 15 minutes


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