Accompanied by the guard I felt I had been raped by Aisha Gupta

Accompanied by the guard I felt I had been raped by Aisha Gupta.
Staring at him raped me, said three times to correct the behavior, and the guard approached me.

Accompanied by the guard I felt I had been raped by Aisha Gupta

Bollywood actress Esha Gupta has accused a hotel owner of Delhi of misconduct and said, “I feel like I’ve been raped.” Esha Gupta on Twitter and Instagram When sharing her experience on the Internet, she wrote: “If a woman like me feels unsafe in the country, I can imagine how ordinary girls would feel even with 2 security guarantees.” Despite being a guard, I Still aware of his rap.
The actress went to the hotel for dinner with her friends, where she complained that a stranger was staring at her, and she wrote on Instagram Story that she raped me with her eyes and corrected her behavior 3 times. Made a request, then asked to leave, and then 2 security personnel came to me.
He also shared videos of alleged harassers and later found the man with the help of social media.

In another of his tweets, he wrote that people are very rude and never seem to have been taught how to deal with strangers, some of whom need to learn morality. He said that because of such men, women would not feel safe anywhere. They thought they could see a woman all night without feeling insecure. She didn’t touch me or say anything, but she kept staring at herself. Look, not because he is a fan, nor because I am an actress, not because I am a woman, where do we unfortunately become women.
Elsewhere, it is not because she is famous, ordinary girls have experienced such experiences, how a man can surpass the law, and such ideas are correct for men. “Asha Gupta’s New Movie” released “D: Justice” in the last few days, with Anupam Kher and the actress as the protagonists.

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