Alia Bhatt’s success is attributed to her failure to inherit father Mahesh Bhat

Alia Bhatt’s success is attributed to her failure to inherit father Mahesh Bhat
Alia Bhatt's success is attributed to her failure to inherit father Mahesh Bhat
Alia Bhatt’s sister, Shaheen Bhatt, recently released her book, “I’ve Never Been Happy”, delving into the serious psychological struggles that have been facing for years. The entire Bhatt family, including Alia, father Mahesh Bhatt, mother Soni Razdan, and sister Pooja Bhatt, attended the event in support of Shaheen’s brave appearance on stage and openly discussing his issues. Alia even cried on the stage once, because everything her sister had to fight and struggle made her unable to extricate herself, leading to a touching moment between the two sisters. But it was their older brother, Pooja, who humorously reversed some revealing facts about the family and lightened the mood.

Alia Bhatt’s success is attributed to her failure

Pooja cites the main reason behind Alia’s success, claiming that it was because she did not inherit a major genetic defect from her father, a genetic defect that has been passed on to the rest of the family-outspoken and honest, which rarely works, at Bolly Dock is even more so,


I’ve never been (more) happy, and Shaheen details her painful struggles in anxiety and depression. All members of the Batit family participated in the book’s launch ceremony, including Aria, Mahesh Bart, and Poga Bart.

In what can only be called the most private conversation, members of the Bart family revealed all their insecurities and struggles, including alcoholism and mental illness.

Pooja had said earlier that he was an addict, and he said that everyone except the family inherited Mahesh Bhatt’s “genetic flaw”, which was to treat his struggles outspokenly and honestly. She said Bollywood requires people to keep up, and Sha Xin and she are not good at it.

“We are telling the truth, not what people are expecting us to say. And, I think the reason why you (Alia) are so successful is because you don’t have the full inheritance like I and Shaheen. You can separate the two. In Bollywood, the facts are not well reflected. We live in a false world full of appearances, and people do not want you to say, “I’m not good. “Whether you’re a cocaine addict or an alcoholic, they don’t damn it. As long as you look good, show up and have a perfect waistline, no one cares what’s going on inside.” How bravely she put it out there.

Pooja then recalled the birth of Shaheen and why she would never forget the day.

“I just want to go back to the day my mother woke me up one afternoon and say, ‘Wake up Pooja, you have an older sister!’ On November 28, when Soni gave birth to Shaheen, his father called To her, this is the moment I remember. People may look at us and say, “You are a dysfunctional family, but I can assure you that our dysfunction is much more practical than most of yours. ”

Pooja is making her comeback with Sadak 2 and he is urging people not to ask others why they are frustrated. She also said that people have a big misunderstanding that depression is only a problem for “rich people”, “because it is not a luxury product, it needs to be eliminated.”


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