Are Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider married model Nashish Jahangir?

Are Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider married model Nashish Jahangir?

Are Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider married model Nashish Jahangir

News of Pakistani actor and singer Mohsen Abbas Haider and Nazish Jahangir getting married began to spread. According to the details, model Nashish Jehangir has stated that he will marry Mohsin Abbas Haider on the social networking site Instagram. Somehow, the Instagram fan page uploaded photos of Mohsin Abbas Haider and Nashish Jahangir and asked for the best of both. It was too early for a model of Nashish Jahangir to comment on Insha Allah in the comment section.

On the one hand, the news from fans of Mohsin Abbas Haider and Nashish Jahangir expresses best wishes.
Social media users say it is sad that Mohsen Abbas Haider has ruined his wife and son’s life and is preparing for another marriage. Social media users also criticized model Nashish Jahangir for making false statements, and said that when Fatah, wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider, spoke of his husband and husband Nash Nashish Jahangir rejected all charges during his illegal relationship. Hua Fatima was declared a liar and she is now preparing to marry Mohsin Abbas Haider.
Keep in mind that Fatima Sohail, wife of famous singer and actor Mohsen Abbas Haider, accused her husband of beatings and cheating, and said that Moson Sen. Mohsen Abbas Haider and the new model Nazish Khan and they even deceived me for this. Regarding the issue, model Nazish Khan said on social network Instagram that Fatima accused me of having an illegal relationship with her husband.
Since then, I have been called a burglar. All of you use your intellect and think that if Fatima has any evidence against me, she will expose them because Fatima has already presented evidence against her husband. Very annoying, that’s why I don’t say much in this regard. Mohsin Abbas is a good friend of mine and his wife. I have absolutely no idea that Fatima even named me in all of this and presented me with things I couldn’t imagine. However, now that news is circulating about the marriage of Mohsin Abbas Haider and Nashish Jahangir, Nash Jahangir himself is very pleased.

Nash also likes Jahangir’s comments, and has since spread the news of their marriage on social media sites.


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