British nationals campaign for the homeless in the UK

British nationals campaign for the homeless in the UK

Pakistani-born British citizen Sajid Kahlon became famous for spreading a video about the operation of a coffee shop.

Pakistani boy British nationals campaign for the homeless in UK

British nationals campaign for the homeless

The debate about whether the homeless and the best should be allowed to eat at the coffee shop continues (only after payment).

In the video, they heard the coffee shop say: “These are my friends, let them eat first, then leave this place.”

But the staff at the coffee shop wanted the Egyptians to be fired, even if the person’s food had already been paid.

He said that his childhood was spent in Faisalabad, where he was not homeless, but he has been paying close attention to poverty.

He pointed out that his father was a middle-class businessman, his life was very good, but suddenly he suffered an irreparable business loss.

homeless in the UK

The situation has reached the point where the house must be sold. He also saw that when our mother was cooking, she had no oil or ghee.

“I moved to the UK in 2013 and continue to work as a waiter at a restaurant here. He used to collect money with me, and if I had the chance, I would do business.

Fortunately, he said, a refurbished restaurant was easy to find a few years ago. “I started working hard and working hard led him to leave the restaurant. The current situation is that I have different restaurants in the UK.

Homeless feeding activities
Regarding the incident, Sajid Karon said that when he saw a homeless person and a leader looking for leftovers on different tables, he was renovating in a coffee shop in London. On a table, when a person puts the rest of the tea in a cup, he starts to drink tea.

I didn’t leave me when I saw this. I will contact them immediately and ask them what I can do for you. He didn’t ask me for money, but said he wanted to have dinner. I asked them what they wanted to eat, so they said, “How good is eating sandwiches and coffee?”

Sajid Kahlo said he went to the counter and ordered sandwiches and coffee there. “I like the chocolate cake in this coffee shop, I ate it myself. So I ordered a chocolate cake for this, paid for it, received the bill, and gave it to the table.

According to Sajid Kahlon, when the coffee shop staff arrived there, the man had just started eating and asked the homeless and the deaf to leave the coffee shop immediately.

“After a short time, security guards arrived. When asked, I told them that they had paid. They were eating. Is there any problem, are they not people?”

The staff said that even if they have already paid, they still have to leave the coffee shop because they will come back tomorrow.

At the time, I decided that no matter what happened, I would record it and upload it to social media so that the world knows and I can perform my duties. Maybe no one else will have to face this situation in the future. ”


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