Chris Brown for his assault on Rihanna three years ago

Not everyone is ready to forgive Chris Brown for his assault on Rihanna three years ago. Country star Miranda Lambert voiced her displeasure about Chris Brown’s appearance at the Grammy Awards Tweeting he should listen to her song ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ about a woman who kills her abusive husband.

Chris Brown for his assault on Rihanna three years ago
Miranda Lambert is the only celebrity (that I could find) who spoke out about Chris Brown’s performance, and not in a positive way. The country star wrote these tweets below. (One thing I love about her is she made these comments, and she kept them up. She didn’t take them down, and apologize about them – she left them up and stands behind them.)

When Chris Brown came on stage at the Grammys last night, my kids were watching with me, and I felt compelled to tell them he is not a good guy. I realized I can’t get over it! I too, had a hard time just getting over what he did to Rihanna. It did seem weird to me that everyone was acting like it didn’t happen – and that he’s this amazing guy. I have a hard time with that one.

And Nicki Minaj DID SUCK. Wow – her first album was crazy good. But if this is a taste of what her new album is like, then NO THANKS. That was the biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen OR heard! I’m with Miranda. Can you believe how much time the Grammys gave her!? For that!?


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