The eagle began their journey from southern Russia and Kazakhstan

Eagle Research: The eagle began their journey from southern Russia and Kazakhstan

As the seasons changed, when some eagle arrived in Pakistan and Iran, Russian experts studied the plan to move from one area of ​​the eagle to another and fell into financial difficulties.

Data roaming charges have become a financial burden on Eagle Research

The financial difficulty is due to the fact that the team had to pay a large fee for incoming SMS messages from the transmitter in the form of data roaming charges.

Taking into account the concerns of the research team, the Russian mobile company Megaphone gave up the tax receivable and charged the Eagle with a special monthly fee.

Earlier, the team had called on people on social media to provide financial support for the project so they could pay for SMS messages.

The eagle began their journey from southern Russia and Kazakhstan.

The eagle began their journey from southern Russia and Kazakhstan

This eagle team, especially one in Siberia called “Mongo”, is particularly expensive because it has arrived in Iran via Kazakhstan.

During the summer, Mann continued to send text messages while in Kazakhstan, but since he was not on the network, his news continued to collect.

Mann went against Iran’s airspace in violation of the team’s expectations. When he arrived in Iran and resumed the transmitter’s contact with the network, the team received a lot of pending messages.

The cost of SMS from Kazakhstan to Russia is about 15 rubles (36 Pakistani rupees at today’s exchange rate) and 49 rubles (120 rupees) from Iran. Therefore, only Minn spent all the money that the team initially allocated for the electronic data received from all the eagle.

A group of Russian experts are volunteering to conduct this study for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Novosibirsk.

As a result of the campaign launched on the social media “Eqab Mobile Top Up”, the team has paid the mobile company more than £1,223 (approximately 45,45,000 rupees).
The transmitter mounted on the eagle will receive the SMS, which will tell the team where the exact bird arrived, and then the team will see if the bird has reached a safe place via satellite. going or not

Keep in mind that the eagle living on the grasslands of Siberia faces a threat of nepotism in Russia and Central Asia, where wires are particularly dangerous.

These days, the research team inspects 13 hawks a year. These eagle eggs are produced in Siberia and Kazakhstan, but fly to South Asia during the winter.

A Russian news agency said that the exemption of mobile bills from loudspeakers meant that the team could continue to study the eagle, which would better detect bird rescues.

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