dramas to commemorate the legal struggle of Asma Jahangir on Stage show

dramas to commemorate the legal struggle of Asma Jahangir on Stage show

Syrah and Myra

At present, there are ten women and several men in Hall 2 of the Alhamra Theatre in Lahore. Most women are on stage, while Mike is responsible for arranging background music with two female instrumentalists.

However, not every woman plays a leading role in her own life, rather than playing a leading role, Limelight understands her rights.

This is the final day of the rehearsal of the Ajarraka Theatre theme drama “Sila and Myra.” The role of this story is closely related to the famous lawyer and human rights activist Asma Jahangir and his legal struggle.

“You smash their wishes, take their minds and bury them.”

dramas to commemorate On stage

On the stage, the sound echoed throughout the hall.

Madihah Rasheed, who plays Sima Jameel, seems to have had a conversation with the courage of Asma Jahangir.

If not, Sima Jameel is the mirror of Asma Jahangir.

The girl in the background sings with the musicians…

“Breaking the bonds, the sisters are coming.

Come on, guys, sisters,

As women step onto the stage, the ties automatically break in front of their bodies.

These steps are both fun and exciting, both fresh and refreshing.

The directors chosen by Shahid Nadeem are not 30 years old, and most of them are already performing.

Ajukai Academy also participated in their performance career. Their teacher, Nirvan Shahid, said that drama training is crucial for young people and then trained in drama through drama.

Saira and Myra are played by Arum Nawai and Shiza Khan.


dramas to commemorate the legal struggle of Asma Jahangir

His story is one of several stories that Asma Jahangir heard in court in his life, and is now repeated in Alhamra.

However, the history of the story is as old as this society. A woman’s story against bonds…

The director was drilled over and over again. He told the actor on the mic “rebellion, strength, anger,…should.

In my interactions with these young actresses, we found that through this play, they discovered these feelings in their hearts, from oppression, resistance, power and anger.


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