Eyes are the most important and sensitive part of our lives and personalities

Eyes are the most important and sensitive part of our lives and personalities, which is why we should not ignore them and protect them as much as possible so that we can enjoy the last world of this era and the beauty of this world. See obsession
Eyes are the most precious gift of nature

Eyes are the most important and sensitive part of our lives and personalities
Without these eyes, all the beauty of the world becomes colorless and meaningless.
Life without it is nothing more than the silence in a blind well, but it is strange that most of us don’t care about it and are ignored by it. These eyes are already protected in their circles and we do not need to pay any attention to them.
They will work as usual throughout the day.

Are they concerned.
We believe that a healthy eye does not require much care in a healthy body, it will continue to work on its own for a long time, and most importantly, we believe that if someone is in the eyes. If not, then everything is fine and this series will continue to do so, but just look at the environment and our lifestyle today.

We are under various pressures, we take too many responsibilities, so that we lose consciousness in performing our duties, and our nerves begin to fade.
Keep in mind that fatigue, nervousness, and stress also affect how our eyes behave, because they are all related to our minds and brains, and when faced with this situation, the eyes are constantly under serious threat. Can be born

Nowadays, we have to work day and night under artificial light, which keeps people looking at computers. Today’s children have a great interest in computers, and they spend a lot of time in deadly light. As a result, unnecessary stress on the eyes increases.
This neural power is tolerable to a certain extent.
But in our eyes, we have surpassed this limit, which will only lead to errors, and today and today, this is true of modern and ancient societies. He used his eyes as much as he needed to complete the task of treating the victim.
But cities and villages are different. People in rural areas do not do as much work with the eyes as urban people.
Nowadays, the world has become very barren, and all kinds of media have emerged. Today, human beings are trying to obtain information about the world with 99% of their eyes, such as reading newspapers, reading fine prints, and sitting in front of TV and watching news .
We write with light that produces artificial light (ie, the light from a light bulb), and we haven’t done it for hours, but we spend most of it

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