Hands are not a measure of age-tested contamination

Hands are not a measure of age-tested contamination
‘Carefully cut and cracked hands reveal the secrets of aging. Sometimes hand gestures are much better expressions of words than words, and they certainly attract attention
Cleaning hands
You may find this strange, but the fact is that you will not be cleaning your hands for several days.
Hands are not a measure of age-tested contamination
You may wash them at different times of the day and apply soap during baths, but this is not really the cleanliness they require. Hand care should be part of your daily beauty routine. You should pay as much attention to your hands as you do to your face.

Every night you should wash your hands with soap, try not to get rid of all the hair in rubbing and rubbing nails’ cuticles and gums, and do not rub it too hard and it can cause skin irritation in your day. Be a part of the routine

Your skin will be like cream and silk. If hair on your hands is dense, then you should start doing standard waxing. This process will not only guarantee the appearance of hands clean and firm, but will also reduce the growth of hair in the future. Pay close attention to your stories. They are often ignored, making them rough and dark.
Rub lemons on the elbows so that they are clean and soft.
Finger nails

Perfect nails are an integral part of charming hands. Regularly trimming and nailing the nails is important in their place. But in addition, a good diet is essential to keep nails healthy. The diet should contain adequate amount of calcium so that the nails remain strong.

Include milk and dairy products in your diet including fish and beans.
Gelatin has been found to be especially helpful for nails. A teaspoon of ordinary gelatin once daily with water or in fruit juices will keep the nails strong. The result of nails becoming stronger will appear 2 to 3 months after its use and you will need to continue taking gelatin as this is not a permanent treatment.
That is to say, if your nails are firm after 2-3 months, do not give up using gelatin. Try to trim your nails every week. Nails need care and don’t want to delay trimming nails. Collect everything in advance so you don’t have to look for items at the same time. Follow these instructions. You will need a cup of soapy water.
It will also need Cotton Owl Orange Stick ‘Cactical Clippers or Scissors, Nail Polish Remover, Base Coat Nail Push and Sailor. Before you begin, wash your hands and rub the nails with a brush. Then take a folded towel and sit down on the table and put all the things you need in your closet to remove the old nail polish with the help of nail polish remover.
Carefully wipe, especially the rounded caveatics.
Using the fine side of the paper rig mall (Emery board) and nailing it at a 45 degree angle from the nails so that you are just filing down to the exact bottom), just follow the edges in each direction. So that the bottom of the nail plate is separated. Do not even file free edges of nails.
(Don’t panic) because nails need support to prevent breakage. Avoid using metal sand as it damages nails.
When you file the nails to fit your desired shape, it is necessary to adjust the edges. The shield is meant to bend the edge of the nails and straighten the paper rag material and gently brush the edges downward on it.
Use the paper rig mall in the process to fine-tune it and do it in one direction. This will help the layers of the nail plate to be sealed and prevent the layers from forming.
Inside the cauticals, rub a little cortical cream with ordinary c-cream and soak the nails in a soapy cup of soap for a few minutes so that the cuticles become soft.
Or hunt two with one arrow. That is, get two benefits from one process. Place the nails in a small bowl of hot peanut oil.
The oil acts as an intricate cavalry remover and is also good for nails. Because it is cautious and coy. Dry the nails and get hand cream on them.
Wrap a bunch of cotton wool on the orange stick knuckle edge and dip it in a coyote remover or oil. Follow the cautious sides carefully so that they fall loose on the nail plate and then push it back gently


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