Healthy food for diabetic women Health many diseases latest Report

Healthy food for diabetic women Health many diseases latest Report

Healthy food for diabetic women Health many diseases latest Report

Diabetes is common in the world and may be a cause of many diseases, especially among women, including heart disease, blood pressure and stroke. This is why diet can play an important role in middle-aged and elderly patients considering diet.

Type 2 diabetes can pave the way for more diseases and negatively affect the entire body, but a short-term diet can reduce the risk of other diseases. DASH or Dash Diet refers to skimmed dairy products, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, fish or poultry, beans and nuts, while lowering blood pressure and lowering salt in the diet. Use pistachio, etc.

The details of the dish diet can now be read on many websites, and there are many ways to make these nutrients delicious and healthy.
In the United States alone, more than 5,000 women have been studied and found that women with diabetes may become heart disease patients in the future, in which case diluted food can protect them from life-threatening diseases.

Nutritionists believe that vegetables should be specially planted in a dash. If this continues, the weight can be controlled more easily.

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