In China 97 people die every day

In China 97 people die every day
In China 97 people die every day

In China, the number of deaths caused by the corona virus has exceeded 900, of which 97 were confirmed dead on Sunday, the highest number of deaths in a day to date.

At the same time, in the UK, after confirming four more patients with the virus, the government declared it an “immediate and serious” threat to public health.

So far, 908 people have been killed by the virus in China, but the number of infections per day is now stable.

Globally, including China, the number of people affected by corona has increased to more than 40,000, and 107,000 grams of 5.18 million people are being monitored to see if they have the corona virus. According to Chinese data, 3281 people have been discharged after treatment.

In addition to China and the United Kingdom, 60 passengers on Japanese anchored ships have confirmed coronavirus and have now been isolated. Of the 3,700 passengers on board so far, 130 have been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has sent a team to Beijing to help study the virus.

Millions of people returned to work after the Chinese New Year holiday ended on Monday, but due to caution, times are changing and offices and workplaces have not yet been opened.

The holiday was postponed to January 31 to prevent the virus from spreading in China.

By this weekend, the number of deaths caused by the corona virus exceeds the 2003 SARS epidemic. The epidemic is also widespread in China, with 774 lives lost in more than two countries in 2003.

It did, but the company warned that it couldn’t say the virus had passed.

On Sunday evening, WHO also began an international mission to help fight the epidemic.

Overall, only two of the deaths caused by the virus occurred throughout China.

Last month, the World Health Organization announced global emergency health measures to address the new virus.

What is Corona virus?
According to its latest data, on Saturday, the health department of Hubei Province, China reported 81 new deaths, bringing the region’s death toll to 908.

Outside China, so far, one death has occurred in Hong Kong and the Philippines

The new virus -2019- was first diagnosed in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, China, and this vast city has been blocked for weeks.

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adnahom Gribes, told reporters on Saturday that the virus is still concentrated in Hawaii and the number of patients infected by it has been slightly in the past four days improve.

However, he said it is too early to say whether the virus has spread, because pandemic diseases can usually slow down before they can spread again.

However, he added that slowing down the virus was their “opportunity” to work to overcome it.

According to Chinese state media reports Sunday, schools in Hubei Province will be closed until at least March 1.

At the same time, passengers can land in Hong Kong in isolation ships. After inspection by these passengers, he or his staff found no infection.

After the infection, eight passengers on the World Dream were quarantined.

Hong Kong announced on Saturday a two-week quarantine for everyone from China. Visitors are required to be isolated in hotel rooms or government-run centers, while residents are told to stay indoors.


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