Internal heat can have many different reactions to our body

Internal heat can have many different reactions to our body

In the summer, the accumulation of heat in our body is a common problem. Internal heat can have many different reactions to our body, including irritability, restlessness, mood swings, headaches and many digestive diseases such as ulcers, bloating, indigestion, acidity and gas. One of the most common indicators of hyperthermia is the frequent appearance of pimples, which is common in summer. This skin problem is not long-term and can usually be resolved within a day or two. In summer, the skin is more prone to pimples, because a lot of oil, dirt and sweat may accumulate in different corners and corners of the face. It is important to drink plenty of water, both to cool down and to avoid this common skin problem. However, diet can also help you avoid summer acne and keep your skin clean.

Summer Diet Tips 2019

In addition to drinking enough water after returning home in the sun and making sure to wipe your face with a clean cloth, adding some food to your diet can also reduce body heat, thus avoiding acne outbreaks. Curd or yogurt yoghurt is such an obvious summer food that is essential for maintaining health in the summer. Probiotic dairy products have many advantages, but do you know that eating this food can keep your skin fresh and fresh during the summer? Eating dahi and topical dahi can soothe your skin and keep your acne outbreak.

Summer Diet Tips: How to Eat Darcy can help avoid acne

How to Eat Darcy can help avoid acne

Darcy yoghurt or curd made with Dahi yoghurt and dishes or condiments are essentially probiotics. This means that yogurt and curd can promote the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria, which not only helps to maintain the health of the digestive system, but also promotes healthy skin. It helps you stay cool during the summer and contains many important nutrients such as vitamin D, protein, calcium and essential B vitamins. Skin quality can be improved by moisturizing from the inside out. Eat a bowl of curd every day during lunch to reduce body heat, help promote digestion and maintain acne. You can add grated vegetables or cool seasonings (such as jeera powder) to your tofu bowl to enhance their health benefits in the summer.

Topical application of curd with Besan or Chickpea powder, honey and turmeric can be used to prepare pure natural p home therapy. This Desi mask, called ubtan, will come in handy in the summer, as it will definitely be your summer essential beauty treatment to soothe irritated skin and sun burns and avoid acne. Therefore, this summer, please make sure to store some curd in the refrigerator to avoid acne and frequent attacks.

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