Is love a transient release of certain chemicals in the brain?

Consider other techniques used in other languages ​​to express love, being moved by love, blindness in love, going crazy with love, being hurt at first sight, and heartbreaking love for someone. Instead, it feels strong.

They say love is not love, but love. Romantic love is swallowed up like a fire, blown away by the wind like a rally, and flying like a tornado. We love more, but less control.

On the one hand, this is like a puzzle, on the other, it is very simple. Its path is straightforward and sometimes secular, without discrimination from different cultures.

However, science cannot win the love of anyone. How could this be

Living organisms destroy chemicals called pheromones, meaning pheromones indicate that they are willing to reproduce. It is generally believed that mutual attraction depends on these chemicals. It sounds very exciting. Although pheromones play an important role in sexually transmitted insects or insects, there is little evidence that they exist in humans.

But if a certain chemical indicates the attraction outside the human body, why not enter it? Take oxytocin hormone as an example. A common obsession with this is that it is a “binding hormone” that helps produce milk and shrink the uterus. This feature of oxytocin has been studied in wild mice called steppe. Instead of whipping the mice, they formed a life partner and expressed their own sex.

When oxytocin production is stopped in these mice, the binding between them is weakened and emotional expression is reduced. In contrast, in other types of wild mice with multiple sexual partners at one time, as the amount of oxytocin increases, their sexual desire or libido decreases. This is not surprising for humans. Therefore, this hormone is not very useful in love.

If a chemical is also prepared to convey the message of love to the loved one, then the question is, where will he put the love letter, because there is no trash can in his heart. Then, since there is no molecule or molecules that can secretly write this information, how is it possible to determine “parts per million”.

When trying to examine romantic love through images of the brain, the part that looks after the target appears “bright”. However, if we react in the same way in other cases, then in some cases the glowing part of our brain is inconclusive. Romantic love is no different from mother’s love or her passion for her favorite team. Therefore, neuroscience cannot explain the spirit of “getting rid of the heart”.

Do we need to do more experiments? Scientists usually respond to positive opinions. But this means that the emotions of love can be described mechanically. Not every production decision may be simple and consistent, because it is not enough to imprison a person. For example, long distances (long heights) are considered attractive in every era, but if a person’s body is constrained by his will, everyone will go bankrupt.

This fact shows that romantic indulgence is a complex process. Why it is so enthusiastic and attractive cannot be explained because we think it is wise to make other important decisions. Can’t we act rationally even on the question of love? Wisely, we must make decisions that must be different so that others can understand and implement them freely.

Love is not like this. It’s just our own decision. Who wants to create a competitor by describing the qualities of the beloved?

It is wrong to think that human dignity is worse than intelligence. It operates in a very naive and complex way with so many factors behind it that our wisdom cannot use them at the same time. For example, identifying a face is much easier than describing it. So why does admitting love be different?

If the neural mechanism of love is simple, you can use a needle to give someone a needle so that it can be removed surgically without affecting anything else. However, if the problem of love is not so complicated, we cannot have evolution.

However, like other thoughts, emotions, and attitudes, love also depends on the complex interactions between physiological functions in our brain. But saying love is just the name of a chemical change in thought, just as the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet in English literature is just words. This is an understatement. Like art or art, love is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Therefore, those of us who are going through fate should succumb to the waves. Even if they destroy us and jump on the rocky shores, we can still comfort ourselves by thinking that there will be no difference in ending with intelligence.


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