Is there a condition of dandruff and scalp itching? You only need ginger to control it!

Is there a condition of dandruff and scalp itching? You only need ginger to control it!

Ginger or adrak is a spice that all Indians (or more specifically Asians) know very well. Aromatized root spices are added to many curries, beverages and even sweets. Warm, ginger-flavored ginger is part of our many home remedies for digestive diseases and colds and coughs. The active compounds in ginger and gingerol have analgesic (analgesic), sedative (induced sleep), antipyretic (antipyretic) and antibacterial properties. This makes ginger a good way to solve various problems. Ginger is also very resistant to inflammation in the body due to the presence of the antioxidant ginger ketone in ginger. This is why ginger enhances immunity and improves skin quality. But do you know that you can even use ginger to fight scalp infections and dandruff?

Is there a condition of dandruff

Ginger is indeed a good cosmetic ingredient. Due to its antibacterial or anti-microbial ability, ginger juice can be added to the mask and hair mask to combat skin and scalp infection. Ginger juice can restore your scalp to health and even help treat scalp itching and dandruff. Some people even use ginger juice to control hair loss because dandruff is considered to be the main cause of hair loss. However, the role of ginger in preventing hair loss is only confirmed by hearsay evidence. It will definitely help you deal with dandruff. This is the way to use it to restore healthy and happy skin of the scalp.

Ginger hair mask with dandruff and scalp itching

Ginger hair mask with dandruff and scalp itching
How to make a ginger hair mask that is dandruff and itchy scalp:

1. Take a piece of fresh ginger root and cut it into thin slices or chopped with a sharp knife.

2. Add the sliced ​​or ground ginger to the water and boil over low heat. Slowly, the color of the water will begin to change, and after a few minutes it will turn into a slightly turbid or translucent yellow.

3. Remove the water from the flame and filter it off with a fine sieve.

4. Press the remaining ginger on the sieve to drain the largest juice into the container.

5. Let the water cool. You can pour this juice into a small spray bottle and spray it directly onto the scalp, or mix it with the oil carrier and apply the oil to the scalp.

Place the mask on the scalp for half an hour, then rinse off with a mild anti-dandruff shampoo. You can treat the scalp with a mixture of ginger juice or ginger juice about once a week to treat dandruff and itchy scalp. The latter is a sign of bacterial growth and you may need to have it checked by a dermatologist before attempting to treat yourself. In addition to this hair mask, regular oiling and massage are also important for the treatment of dandruff.

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