Mahesh Hayat once said that if my upcoming partner becomes beautiful and beautiful

The day I get my best life partner I will not postpone my marriage ”

Mahesh Hayat once said that if my upcoming partner becomes beautiful and beautiful

I want my life partner to be sincere, beautiful inside, and passionate about moving forward.

TV and film reporter Mahesh Hayat once said that if my upcoming partner becomes beautiful and beautiful, then there will be more happiness, and the ugly heart will hide behind some beautiful faces, and Some ordinary faces look handsome. Yes.
In an interview, the actress said that I hope that my future partner will not lose my freedom, and I will inform her in advance of working in the entertainment industry.

If there is a consensus between wives, life will continue to be good; if there is a difference, then the marriage life will be earthquake, and there are many such examples before me. If I find my best life partner, I will never delay getting married. I want my spouse to be sincere, kind and willing to move on.

Mahesh Hayat’s name doesn’t introduce Pakistan’s fashion and theater industry. He is talented, personable, and most importantly, he knows his abilities. Mahesh is an excellent actress, but the shape is also very good, and Ga is also a good choice. Mahesh started his career as a model, and since then, his work in TV shows has become a necessity for TV. Mahesh is now moving into the film industry, and we will soon see his light on the big screen.

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