Or is the future of the world an artificial food made of bacteria and hydrogen?

This protein is made by bacteria in the soil. These bacteria thrive in hydrogen. Moreover, this gas is obtained by dissolving water in hydrogen and oxygen.

Researchers say that if electricity is obtained from solar or wind energy, almost any dose of toxic gas can be produced without emitting any toxic gas.

If their dreams become embarrassing, it will help the world solve various agricultural problems.

Last year, when I went to see a solar food factory on the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland, scientists were raising funds to expand their projects.
Or is the future of the world an artificial food made
Now they say they have raised more than $ 6 million. They say it will depend on electricity costs, but they are optimistic that by the end of the decade or even 2015, it will be priced in soybeans.

When I tasted the protein powder called solen, it had no taste. That’s what scientists want.

They don’t think it should have any taste, so it can be easily mixed with other foods.

It can be used in peas, ice cream, biscuits, pasta, seasonings or double bread. The maker of this dish says it can also be used during the developmental stages of artificial meat or fish.

It can also be used as a feed for livestock instead of soybeans, thereby protecting ordinary forests.

But even if everything goes according to plan and it can take years to produce a product that meets global demand.

But this is just one of many projects that will focus on producing artificial food in the future.

The head of the Finnish company is Pasey Venica, who studied at Cranfield University in the UK and is now a professor at Lippin Ranta University in Finland.

Professor Wenica said that this idea of ​​food technology was actually exposed when the aerospace industry boomed in the 1960s.

He acknowledged that his first plant was still a few months behind the target but said that it would be completed by 2022. A comprehensive investment plan will be formulated in 2023, and if everything goes according to plan, the first factory will be established in 2025.

“We are doing very well right now,” he said. We believe that once the protein production reactor is shaped, we can transform the plant and adapt ourselves to technologies from other energy sources, including hydropower and solar. Perhaps Sunan will be able to compete in 2025.

To obtain hydrogen, water is “teared” by electrolysis or electrolysis, and proteins are produced from the hydrogen. The bacteria are then synthesized from carbon dioxide in hydrogen, air, and minerals.

He said that electricity prices will play an important role in determining its value in the future. The company believes that with the advent of new and renewable energy sources, the cost of this new food will decrease.

George Monbiot, who runs a campaign to keep the environment clean, warmly welcomes this new technology, a television documentary called “Poklips Kau” that tells the catastrophic impact of the meat industry’s environment.


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