Pakistani designer Syeda Amera is fascinated in Paris Fashion Week of 2019

Pakistani designer Syeda Amera is fascinated in Paris Fashion Week of 2019

Pakistani designer Syeda Amera is fascinated in Paris Fashion Week of 2019

March 4th is an important day for Syed Amera. After a lot of hard work and patience, the up-and-coming fashion designer finally showed off her haute couture at the recently concluded 2019 Paris Fashion Week, which was held at the famous InterContinental Hotel in the French capital, a press conference said. .

The Intercontinental Hotel reflects the essence of Paris, and the exquisite ballroom features a high cupola and mirrors for spectacular views. A series of mirrors sparkle and reflect the majestic crystal chandeliers on the roof.

The Intercontinental Ballroom is unique in every respect and is considered to be one of the most beautiful and popular venues in France. For designers, being able to showcase their work in such a position is an achievement in itself, and Amera can remove it from the list. The womenswear designer, hosted by the British company Oxford Fashion Studio (OFS), has become the only Pakistani designer to be officially invited to participate in the event and showcase its exclusive collection, as well as from the United States, New Zealand, France, India and Indonesia. Thus, it has emerged on the international stage.

But what needs to be mentioned here is that Amera is no stranger to the international fashion industry. She has exhibited her work in numerous fashion shows in Spain, Australia and Hong Kong, as well as in the United States, the UK and France. Each exhibition hall combines art, architecture, culture and fashion.

Amera is once again proud of its ethereal 2019 Bridal Couture collection that made Paris Fashion Week, which was widely watched earlier this month. Soft, dreamy tones combined with subtle embroideries and embellishments, each of the designer’s masterpieces shines brightly under the gleaming dome of the InterContinental Hotel.


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