Researchers say the new antibiotic has helped eliminate 35 fatty bacteria

Researchers say the new antibiotic has helped eliminate 35 fatty bacteria , Experts believe that this discovery is an important step in the growing issue of resistance.

A powerful algorithm was used to make the drug, and within a few days 10 million compounds were reviewed by the algorithm.

Researchers say the new antibiotic has helped eliminate 35 fatty bacteria.

Over the past few years, antibiotic-resistant infections (seemingly unhelpful infections) have increased. Between 2017 and 2018, the number in the UK increased by 9% to 61,000.

If you use antibiotics for no reason, your body’s immunity to these dangerous bacteria will increase, which means that these drugs will not work when they are most needed.
Discover powerful antibiotics with artificial intelligence
The World Health Organization describes antibiotic resistance as “the biggest threat to world health care and well-being.”

“New Era”

“This is the first discovery of its kind,” said Regina Barzelle, a senior researcher working on the project at MIT.

The discovery was made by looking at algorithms created by the human brain design.

Scientists trained the algorithm by examining the structure of approximately 2,500 drugs and discovering compounds that have bactericidal properties and can kill common bacteria, E. coli.

They then selected and tested 100 of these compounds and found an antibiotic called Halcyon.

“I think this is one of the most powerful antibiotics ever made,” said research team biotechnology expert James Cullen.

“We want to develop a system that can use artificial intelligence to start a new era of antibiotic discovery,” he said.

Dr Peter Bannister, chairman of the Engineering and Technology Institute’s healthcare group, said the method used here has been “recognized” in medical research.

He told the BBC that the same new therapies as drugs are being developed, and studies have shown how to use deep learning to identify antibiotics and sample from a large number of molecules. checked.

He added, “This study is beyond the scope of theoretical simulations, and trials have been performed on humans with this drug. It is also important because the efficacy of the drug and its effects can be estimated.

Antibiotic use in the UK has decreased by 7% since 2014, but blood infections that have not shown effective results have increased by almost 35% between 2013 and 2017.

Researchers further stated that using such a machine could reduce the cost of antibiotics by increasing drug discovery.

Important findings
A few weeks ago, artificial intelligence discovered a drug molecule, the first to be tested on the human body.

This will help treat patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (such as OCD).

The application of artificial intelligence in medical research is new, but important discoveries have reached today.

According to one study, breast cancer diagnosis is much better than artificial intelligence doctors.

An international team of researchers from Google Health and Imperial College London has designed a computer model that can read X-rays. The model was then trained on X-ray images of 29,000 women.


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