Singer Robbie Pirzada takes over the entertainment industry

Singer Robbie Pirzada takes over the entertainment industry

Pakistani singer Rabbi Pirzada took over the showbiz. According to the details, Rabbi Pirzada informed the fans of his decision in a Twitter message. “I got rid of Rabbi Pirzada’s entertainment circle,” Rabbi Pirzada said in a Twitter post.
May Allah forgive my sins. And soften people’s hearts for me. He also quoted a verse from the Qur’an.

Singer Robbie Pirzada takes over the entertainment industry

When immoral videos and photos were leaked, Rabbi Pirzada said that considering the personal video leaked, I would die. Now he understands why the rap victims committed suicide, and the society also wants to kill me.
Rabbi Pirzada addressed DG ISPR in a Twitter message saying that all of us had made a mistake but did not acknowledge it. Don’t panic or explain it this way. He also gave the hashtag “chat”.

After that, his personal photos and videos were all the rage on Twitter.
Which social media users are starting to guess and comment. When unethical videos spread, singer Robbie Pirzada attracted cybercriminals. After the FIA’s cybercrime team began processing singer Ravi Pirzada’s request, singer Rabbi Pirzada asked for the video to be removed from social media. In this regard, singer Rabbi Pirzada says that my personal photos and videos are kept on a smartphone I sold some time ago. He said that where I sold this phone, I had applied for them.


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