The process of water reproduction is becoming more and more popular in the West Europe

The process of water reproduction is becoming more and more popular in the West Europe.

Nine months later, the new life began with the woman’s life. Once this life appeared, it relieved her suffering for nine consecutive months. At any given time during pregnancy, women spend most of their time in the hospital cycle.

The process of water reproduction is becoming

Many drugs that most women don’t even need are prescribed. Although there are no complications, the woman is psychologically stressed. If she does not take the medicine and does not have regular blood and urine tests, many problems will arise.
Therefore, Allah’s birth time, like pregnancy, ends with countless thoughts, worries and hospitalization cycles, and then the days of childbirth are over. Every day is anxiously waiting for every couple. Nine months of physical and economic hard work can sometimes be alleviated to achieve this happiness, but this day can be as long as nine months.

The mother-in-law stood with one foot and the bees ran. Parenting is one of the most pressing issues of the day. Men’s gaze is more focused on hospitalization costs than on their echoes; on the other hand, work on injections and injuries for women in intensive care units continues.

A woman’s life and a man’s pocket are subject to a heavy burden. In this shocking situation, people often ask a question, why is birth and natural childbirth so complicated, painful and expensive? Can you give birth normally without a lot of drugs and heavy money?

Those who know a little science will know clearly that if a woman gives birth to a healthy baby in the normal way, she does not need any medicine, but it is unfortunate for us and us. In certain societies, abnormal use of drugs during pregnancy and childbirth is considered an essential subject. However, everyone was surprised to find that with modern science, Western society paved the way for women to achieve drug-free, but in our society, this concept is nothing more than a mere idea. Even for today’s educated women, the concept of drug-free delivery is indivisible.

The aquatic process is currently the fastest growing drug-free delivery method. The birth of a baby underwater seems to be a good idea for us, but it is actually closer to nature, and for women, the pain is smaller. After a woman suffered from sustained pain for 40 hours, the birth of water was first introduced in France in 1805, and the doctor advised her to sit in a hot tub.

Within fifteen minutes, she gave birth to a healthy baby without complications. In the 1960s, this method was tried in Russian hospitals and it worked very well. The doctor who introduced “water birth” in Russia introduced this experience. He said that the baby was born in warm water instead of in a cold environment, which not only saved the mother a lot of trouble, but also saved the baby’s brain and her mother. A lot of time. It also increases learning ability. Despite this discovery, the world has not given any importance to this approach for some time.

In the mid-1970s, French midwives and doctors planned to further promote this practice and developed various programs to attract couples. French doctors say that the current mode of delivery usually causes various traumas to women and newborns, and the complications that occur during childbirth are not always accompanied by mother and child throughout life. According to French doctors, the process from the uterus to the mother’s arms is fixed in warm water, which is very refreshing for babies. Infants born in this process cry quietly than those born in the drought.

The first delivery was carried out in the United States by Waterbirth in 1980, and his eyes were open to the world in the pain of only 90 minutes of that healthy baby. In 1989, the American Church published a report stating that in the past four years, 463 children were born in a California hospital through the “water birth” process, and each child is healthy and safe.

A variety of research work and awareness projects have concluded that by the end of the 1990s, the birth of water became more common in the UK, Europe, the United States and Canada. Two reports were published in the UK in 1992 and 1993 explaining the importance of the aquatic process. At the same time, it is emphasized that during childbirth, women should be given the freedom to have a baby anywhere she feels comfortable. According to these reports, British hospitals have established rapid berth pools.

The Royal Midwives College continues to support this approach and has established a department to provide training for water-born personnel. As well as couples who want to give birth at home rather than in the hospital, well-trained staff will assist and guide them there.

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