Throughout this year we have  taken haute couture products from seasonal runways

Throughout this year we have  taken haute couture products from seasonal runways, statements captured on the many mood boards of celebrities Grams’ and designer shutters.

Throughout this year we have  taken haute couture products from seasonal runways

Abstract prints are prevalent this year. What do you ask is abstract? Well, this is any print you can’t define as a particular thing, such as flowers or geometric figures. This is an interesting and stylish trend. The beauty of it is that you can pair it with anything you want. Shoot abstract patterns like this to drive your imagination crazy.

If you’re fussing about the length of kurti, let us tell you that the fashion trend has changed again, and this year, long shirts have emerged. They are the perfect way to add a bit of flamboyant realism to the look, and many people agree that the lovely long ankle kurti paired with a pair of pipe pants or palazzos will never let you down
Wearing sari is a timeless art that has been popular for countless centuries and continues to develop. Sari has always been a must-have in every Desi woman’s wardrobe. You can never go wrong with sari. Whether you choose to dress up or touch it, Sari can always solve the problem. 2019 is the year when Cyclonus is declared. Will 2020 be bolder and better?
The beauty of simple shalwar kameez can be doubled by simply adding this basic element … dupatta! Wearing dupatta is not only an important part of Eastern clothing, but it can also make it look beautiful. If you choose to wear plain kurta or simple suit, you need to choose dupatta with different accents such as fringe, embroidery or definitive borders to give your oriental style more advantage.
Are you tempted by the edge? Do you like beads? You are not alone, so far, the fabulous edge is one of the biggest trends of the year and we can see it everywhere. From shoes and handbags to jackets and skirts, and even jewelry, this season is adorned with tassels and beads.

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