we must add fruits to our daily diet according to our abilities

There is a famous saying that apples should be consumed daily and away from the doctor, but now a daily study shows that eating pears every day can also help prevent many diseases. Allah has created many useful fruits for us, and each kind of fruit has many medical benefits, so we must add fruits to our daily diet according to our abilities.
Like other fruits, pears are useful fruits.

There are several types:

we must add fruits to our daily diet according to our abilities
Sweet pears are considered better than apples because it eliminates the aroma. It quenches thirst. It contains a lot of starch (carbohydrates). It provides gastrointestinal power and eliminates zero risk.
The pear was vomiting. It stops the friends by squeezing the juice.

Pears contain sodium, potassium, sugar, phosphorus, lemonade (protein) and vitamin C (vitamin C). The soft-tailed pear is called “buggosha” and it is a kid’s favorite because it is softer and easier to chew than regular pears.

Pears should always be eaten with the peel. Because it also contains natural and healthy ingredients.
Pears contain one hundred calories. According to the rules, pears digest late. Increase appetite. Drinking sugar in pear juice can relieve headaches. If you eat a salad made of pear, you will bleed hemorrhoids. Sprinkle black pepper and salt in pear juice to reduce indigestion and prevent eating indigestion.
In western countries, pear skin is considered a refreshing and healthy tonic. Women with dry and prickly skin should especially eat pears. Pears can not only improve high blood pressure, but also improve the function of the digestive system and reduce obesity. In terms of its taste, nutrition and practicality, it is no less than apple, mango and banana.

The shape of the pear is similar to the heart, so it has also been shown to be useful for strengthening the heart. Like all fruits, glucose is also found in it, which provides energy to the body and eliminates fatigue.
The pear tree is small and the flowers are small. The gentle suspension stops diarrhea.
Spraying the scalp on the wound will heal it. The injured patient will soon recover from eating pear wood ashes.
reduce cholesterol:
Pears are high in fiber and can prevent heart disease by reducing harmful cholesterol in the body. Eating this fiber-rich fruit can also reduce the risk of stroke by 50%.

Cancer protection:
Fiber in pears prevents salt intake and increases the risk of colon cancer. According to research, women who eat pears every day have a 34% risk of breast cancer.
Obesity Aid:
People who eat pears every day are 35% less likely to be obese.
Pears are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin A and help reduce weight.
Today, bone disease is becoming more common. If you want to prevent a healthy bone diet and good health (osteoporosis), it is important to take the recommended amount of calcium daily. Pears help absorb calcium easily in the body.

Benefits of pears:
Prevent gum bleeding. Protects teeth from hot flashes. Helps digest food faster. Maintains stomach and relieves mouthwash. Eliminate old constipation. Eliminate asthma in children. Good for respiratory patients. Pears can certainly drink hemorrhoids,
It reduces liver inflammation. Lowering cholesterol levels If you eat pears regularly, it will clean the skin. Eating it can enhance hair, because there are fewer pears in pears, so everyone can eat them. Even obese. Eating pears helps to develop a fever and strengthens the body’s ability to fight cancer. Snake bites benefit from grinding pear leaves. Ewha is useful to protect the eyes from nausea.

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