Women have always wanted to look different

Women have always wanted to look different. Whether doing housework or work, women have lost their beauty and beauty, without jewelry. From a very young age, in addition to artificial jewelry, gold jewelry has become the focus of girls.

Women have always wanted to look different

The importance of jewelry in weddings is no secret. According to careful evaluation, the value of jewelry is Rs. In poor and middle-class households, the cost of buying jewellery is Rs 40,000 to 50,000, while in rich families, the cost of jewellery is only Rs 100,000 to 1.5 million.

The beauty and light of gold jewelry adds four moons to a woman’s beauty.

No matter what kind of decoration, it always impresses with gender fragility. Some jewelry designs are so eye-catching that women lose their beauty. The method came out. Here we start wearing jewellery, or jewellery, jewellery, jewellery, jewellery, jewellery, jewellery, jewellery and gold jewellery. The most influential women are at this time, most women start to see jewelry from head to toe, including chandeliers, gloves, bandages, earrings, earrings, bracelets, sleeves, chimpanzees, palms, decorations. The herbs, hair clips, hair and jewelry that adorned the top of the hair were prepared for her.

Women’s interest in jewellery can also be measured by the fact that even in recent times, women in many households have worn jewelry as torture, often without neck and ears. Symbol is considered to be the reason to look at the golden wrists of any married woman. Older women must wear gold or glass bracelets on their sleeves to give the impression of a happy life.

Only a few decades ago, gold and silver jewelry was very popular among us, but costume jewelry has been popular for many years and is often worn during festivals, so some costume jewelry can be purchased from European countries. Orange, green and yellow emeralds and flames can be worn with pink or red outfits, brute force and garnet jewelry, while Norton jewelry can be worn with any color.
A few years ago, the bride once wore four or five harps, but due to the delicate appearance, it is now a bad idea to wear more jewelry on the neck. The bride is best to wear only one or two, and long sleeves are best. In addition to gold and silver and a variety of precious metal jewellery, the charm of costume jewelry also attracts women and then new jewelry, no matter how many decorations are in the jewelry box, especially when they are more expensive. Don’t wear new jewelry for women, even if you buy fancy jewelry. can
All they need is a dress and a suit for the palace!
But jewelry is often used inappropriately, and women who want to wear heavier and heavier jewelry forget their jewelry. Although it can touch others’ eyes, it has its own personality. Like the white shoes worn by sandals, the luster of the shoes is obvious, but the feet are ugly.
Similarly, in addition to personality and temperament, jewellery is also noticeable when wearing heavy jewellery, but women appear humble, and in modern times, they prefer simple and delicate decoration, such as young girls with five wings in their arms. If you wear a belt bracelet and another wears a half-weight delicate bracelet, most viewers will find the thin chain better.

How to wear jewelry properly:
Women should use jewelry on occasions to make them look beautiful. At weddings, most women wear three hairdressers up and down, which feels heavy rather than charming. If you are going to a wedding and the banquet is at night, wearing jewelry according to the nature of the ceremony may be a difficult task. You can wear heavy jewelry, but if your clothes are heavy and you have a heavy workload on your neck, wear thin, gelatinous chains instead of heavy objects.
Usually heavy jewelry is worn at weddings.
If you have more than one outfit, you can alternately wear three outfits on your wedding day, but wearing two outfits with three outfits at the same time will make your personality stand out.
Jewellery and bride:
Jewellery and bridal bra accompanied. Most brides have problems choosing jewelry.

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