Women’s hair is very important for their personality and the beauty of the body

Women’s hair is very important for their personality and the beauty of the body.
Women naturally have a keen interest in making their hair more attractive. For this, they use various lotions, shampoos and soaps. Most of them do reverse damage rather than benefit their hair. Every woman especially young girls pay special attention to the beauty and health of their hair.

Women’s hair is very important for their personality

Anyway fine hair is essential for enhancing the beauty and dignity of the hair. Good hair can be defined as being thick, shiny, soft, long and dark. It does not have dry, itchy hair. Itching, mail or any other defect can not be easily and quickly removed, as it is related to the overall health of the body.

The first and foremost thing for women who want to keep their hair healthy and healthy is to pay proper attention to their diet.
Women's hair is very important for their personality and the beauty of the body
Good hair is associated with good skin vitality and health nutrition. If women use a proper and good diet then there is no cause for any defects in the hair. Good, soft and dense hair requires a diet that I have the right amount of calcium as well as vitamins and protein. Without proper nutrient care and health, it is not possible for long hair without the use of all those nutrients.

Women’s hair is very important for personality

Nowadays, one more thing is damaging the hair of women. Women who buy ordinary products in the West and in the blind imitation of fashion, often get many kinds of hair disorders. It is important to first not apply any sharp and unsafe shampoo, lotion or cream to the hair. It should be well known that the cream, lotion or shampoo does not contain the roots and skin damaging ingredients.

Nowadays new fragrances and colors are often hazardous to advertising hair lotions, soaps, creams and shampoos and most women are deceived by them. Such advertising items usually contain harmful artificial fragrances, fast and moisturizing chemicals and lime. And gasoline, which causes itching and dryness in the hair. Their natural softness and shine gradually diminishes and the hair begins to fall off faster and turn white.
All such unnatural and chemical compositions are necessary to keep the hair from becoming “good”.
Experts advise that the hair should always be protected from high heat, lime soap, artificial fragrances and chemical lotions or shampoos. Instead of these harmful substances, the hair should be washed mostly with natural vegetable oils or semi-warm water.
The use of certain natural herbs such as rosemary parcels or celery, baboon, paper nail or fluffy mint leaves, cinnamon or stew and seaweed is very useful for hair health, attractiveness and natural relaxation. And it is said to be effective. These things can be used in the form of a lipstick or in water. In addition,

the rose leaves can also be applied to the hair.

In Pakistan, Amla, Sakai and fenugreek seeds are commonly used for this purpose. Apply these items to the hair and wash it thoroughly with water for a few minutes, then allow the hair to dry naturally. There are other natural ways for health and fitness like:
1- The hair should be combed regularly several times a day and cleaned of dirt and broken hair.
Use a comb or comb that is somewhat stiff, and its teeth are sharp, but not too sharp, otherwise it will damage the skin around the hair. Cleans the hair and fall off to remove them at any time. Should not
2 –

Always avoid using another person’s comb. This is hygienic.

3. Protect the hair from strong sun and do not wash it with too hot or too cold cold water while bathing, but use semi-hot or normal water.

4. Do not teach the hair artificially with electric heat or electric brushes. Teach them in natural air, soft towels and in light sun. Artificial heat and friction weakens the roots.
5 – Do not use a conditioner for cleaning hair and do not use iron wire brushes.
The best are bones, horns or ivory and wooden shoulders or rings.
6. A natural grease from the skin of the skin provides the hair soft and glowing as well as nourishment. Do not waste this natural ingredient with electricity or any other heat. It is very useful to wash together yogurt, amla, sakai ki beans, roti or basin and the use of these ingredients will keep the hair dark, soft and dense for a long time.


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