Yasser Hussein took a very interesting comment with Iqra’s photo

Yasser Hussein took a very interesting comment with Iqra’s photo

Actor Yasser Hussain shared his photo with Iqra Aziz on social media, saying that he was not a king, but a slave in Iqra’s life.

Yasser Hussain saying that he was not a king but a slave in Iqra's life

A few days ago, actress Iqra Aziz shared a video on her Instagram account, in which she was considered a bride and groom. But this is not a real wedding video, but a photo of a bride’s photo, and now Yasser Hussain shares some photos of the same photo on his social media account.

Yasser Hussein took a very interesting comment with a photo, saying that Iqra is the queen and she is her slave. Yasir Hussain wrote: “In the Queen’s story, the king is not a slave, and there are slaves.

Interestingly, Iqra comments on Arthur Hussein responded very lovingly: “I hope I can win your word of mouth.”

I may remember that a few days ago, Iqra Aziz shared her and Yasir photos on social media and wrote that she was counting the days of marrying Yasser.

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