yellow color is The best choice for summer

yellow color is The best choice for summer

The best choice for summer color yellow this is any secret

The British royal family is known worldwide for its high quality. Last week, the British magazine released their lucky list of the year, Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, Megan Marker and the young Prince George were on the lucky list.

The bride of the British royal family seems to have attracted the attention of fashion gods with its unique style and unique style. Whether in the Royal Palace or outside activities, the camera’s eyes are like the unique and charming dress of the royal family. In this case, the choice of the royal family’s daughter for the summer is particularly impressive.

Yes, the two daughters of the royal family, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, chose yellow dresses for the two summer ceremonies. They say that for a long time we have been choosing pink, black or other colors, while yellow is fashionable and the best choice for summer. .

Prince Harry and Megan’s Wedding Amar Colony’s Yellow Dress

Yellow is not only popular among royalty or royal brides, but is also popular among Hollywood and Bollywood actors. Amal Clooney chose a yellow dress to attend the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and their yellow dress was designed by MC Cardini.

Melbourne House arrives and Megan Markle’s yellow dress

The new daughter of the British royal family has attracted the attention of fashion giants, and the images they wear are also very popular in the media. In the first week of July, Meghan Markle accompanied Prince Harry to a youth leadership seminar hosted by the Commonwealth Secretariat at the Melbourne House in London. To this end, the royal woman chose the yellow “royal code” style boss. That day, Meghan Markle appeared in a skirt with a “good-looking outline”. It doesn’t matter if Megan wears any color, it looks great on her, but the yellow personality adds to her beauty. According to American television reports, Meghan Markle has his own unique lifestyle in the film industry, but after the wedding, the British royal fashion watchers have also become fans of the awards ceremony.

Kate Middleton’s Wimbledon Tennis Open and Yellow Dress

No one knows Kate Middleton, the charming and famous princess of the British royal family, who is well known throughout the world because of her style and style and her qualities. A few days after Megan, the famous Princess Katherine Elizabeth Middleton’s famous Kate Middleton was also found wearing a yellow dress, wearing a gentle smile, a charming smile, a cheerful and charming character at Wimbledon Sports. The park is wearing a yellow dress. That day, Kate wore fashion designer underwear ‘Fitted Dolce’, wearing loose and stylish sleeves, and Kate was really looking for a princess. This color has also become a favorite of Kate fans. Kate is not the first to choose a yellow dress. Even after arriving at the Wimbledon Tennis Open two years ago, Kate chose a yellow dress, which adds to her personality.

Why choose yellow?

In the summer, yellow is becoming more and more popular with celebrities, but they say that each color has its own characteristics, and the color is characterized by yellow reflecting happiness and satisfaction. Although it can be found everywhere in the natural landscape, it is also true in the artificial world. This color attracts everyone’s attention. It is not only a worn color, but also a color that expresses happiness and sees it. feel happy.

It is said that the yellow lovers reflect their good thinking about the future and a positive and optimistic attitude. Another option for yellow is that you have a clear goal. You are happy to provide comfort to others, and in return you will receive honor and admiration.

This year, you can also add a yellow dress to the closet


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